5 Ways To Make Your Fragrances Last Longer

by Michael Paul on Oct 23, 2023

A great fragrance can be a real investment, and if you're like me, you want it to last throughout the day, and not vanish after an hour of spraying it. I'm here to help. Here are 5 expert tips to help you get more performance out of you fragrances.

1. Moisturize before spraying your perfume

Dry skin soaks up perfume oils... and it just doesn't matter how "beast mode" your perfume is if your skin drinks it up moments after you apply it. Luckily, the fix is pretty easy. Use an unscented moisturizing cleanser, and body lotion to hydrate your skin, and make it a better canvas for your fragrance. Moisturize immediately after stepping out of the shower for best results.

2. Choose an EDP or Extrait instead of an Eau De Toilette

When perfumers use the words "Eau De Toilette", "Eau De Parfum", or "Extrait De Parfum", they are referring to the concentration of your fragrance. Eau De Toilette fragrances are lower concentrations that won't last long on your skin, and will tend to fade quicker than the higher concentrated EDPs, and Extraits. If you're wearing a Day Three Fragrance, you're in luck; all of our fragrances are produced in high concentration, and with the highest quality ingredients, so they'll perform like the superstar fragrances that they are :)

3. Pick Your Spots

If you apply perfume to your wrists, there's a good chance that your fragrance will rub off on things you touch throughout the day, or be washed off the first time you wash your hands. So where should you spray? You could try spraying your clothes. The fabric will hold the fragrance nicely, and last all day. You could also spray into your hair. The fibers in your hair lock onto scent molecules and keep them there longer than your skin can. But if you spray your hair, be careful not to over-spray. Having an alcohol based product in your hair can dry it out if you're not careful.

4. Don't Rub. Just Dab.

Have you seen people spray a perfume, then rub it into their skin? That's a good way of damaging the delicate top notes of your fragrance, and could make it harder to smell. Instead of rubbing your fragrance in, simply spray it on and allow it to settle in on it's own. You'll be happy you did.

5. Check Your Distance

If you want to smell your perfume all day, you're going to need to be wearing it (duh). But if you spray your perfume into the air, and walk through it... most of that sprayed perfume is going to end up on the floor, and the little bit that ends up on you is going to be spread out over a large area, which will evaporate very quickly and leave you fragrance-less in mere moments. Don't walk through a spray of perfume. It's a total waste.

Instead, hold the bottle just about six inches away, and spray directly onto your skin, clothes, or hair. That will concentrate the perfume oils in one location, where they will work better. Want perfume in more than one location? Use multiple sprays. If you're using an inoffensive and people pleasing fragrance (like Day Three), you won't get any dirty looks from co-workers when you over-spray.

Bonus tip:

Some perfumes are just made up out of materials that are delicate, and tend to fade quickly. These usually include fresh perfumes that have citrus notes, or soft florals. But you can still smell amazing all day. Simply carry around a travel size bottle with you, so that you can re-apply throughout the day. A 10ml bottle can fit in a pocket or purse comfortably, and last you quite a while. So grab one and keep it with you for those moments you want a little scent boost.

OK, last tip... seriously:

You can pick up a Day Three Discovery Set for just thirty bucks (with free shipping), and keep the small spray bottles in your car or purse. Then, you can reapply your favorite Day Three Fragrance later in the day, share your favorite fragrances with a friend or even switch it up and wear something different in the evening. The discovery set comes with eight fragrances, so you'll have plenty to choose from. And as a special bonus, the discovery sets also come with a code for $30 off a full bottle... it's like getting a discovery set for free!