bottle of award winning perfume by Day Three Fragrances

Pure, olfactive art:


Day Three is an independent fragrance house. A well kept secret. A quiet, humble corner of the fragrance world.

About Day Three

We are not a mass-market company.  We craft our perfumes by hand, in small batches, with an unrelenting eye (and nose) towards detail.  

Every bottle is created individually, labeled and shipped by one of our family members.

Your purchase from Day Three is special.  Your very own piece of olfactive art, and I personally hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you.

*In 2023, Day Three Fragrances received the Aftel Award at the 9th annual Art and Olfaction Awards. The award is named in honor of Mandy Aftel, a living legend in the world of perfumery.

Perfumes Inspired by the people and culture of

Dominican Republic

We are proud to bring authentic Dominican aromas to the world of niche perfumery, with our Dominican Culture line. These creative fragrances feature notes of mamajuana, Dominican coffee, mangoes from Bani, and more!

A Truly Artisan Company

Each formula is composed by Day Three perfumer, Michael Paul. After the formula is written, the perfume is then compounded in house, and left to macerate on site, in our Arizona lab.

Every single bottle is poured by the perfumer, and assembled by a member of our family. Then, those bottles are labeled and boxed by hand.

Finally, each and every bottle that leaves our lab is accompanied by a personal, hand written thank you note, and a complimentary sample.

Interacting with Day Three

We're not a large company. We are a small family of passionate fragrance fanatics, and we would love to talk with you. Here are some of the best ways to interact with us:


Both. Our fragrances are completely unisex. But there's a good chance that not every fragrance will appeal to you personally. We highly recommend ordering one of our discovery sets and trying each fragrance for yourself.

They are. We use only the highest quality, skin safe ingredients in our fragrances. We use naturals where we can, and use synthetic molecules when they are safer for the skin, or to avoid using animal products.

When you purchase a discovery set, we automatically email you a discount code for next purchase. If you can't find it, please have a look in your spam folder.

Right now, we ship to the United States, and Canada. We are working on becoming available worldwide... hopefully soon :)

We try as hard as we can to get orders processed within 24 hours, and packages get picked up from our lab on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.